A HALAL certified range of non-alcoholic wines

Domaines Pierre Chavin is constantly looking for innovation.

We want the Pierre Zéro range, with its flavours and aromatic profile, to be accessible to everyone.

This range of non-alcoholic wines ensures that everyone is able to enjoy a glass of wine and fully appreciate social occasions. Pregnant women, senior and people practising sport as well as everyone who does not drink alcohol are now able to share the festive spirit.

Domaines Pierre Chavin has decided to go one step further by adressing other cultures where alcohol consumption  is prohibited due to religious or cultural reasons.

We aim to make it possible for them to enjoy the taste of a wine without the negative effects of alcohol.

All other non-alcoholic wines have 0.3% of alcohol and are therefore not authorized by the Islamic law  which strictly prohibits the consumption of beverages even with minimal alcohol levels.

This is why  Pierre Zéro wines bear a HALAL certification.

These certifications prove that all regulations have been followed and that these beverages respect Islamic law.

For the very first time the whole world can enjoy our beverages produced and vinified just like  fine wine.

Domaines Pierre Chavin has always been that you enjoy great  wine available for everyone, without any cultural and religious restrictions.