Andreas Larsson tastes Pierre Zéro Blanc de Blancs Sparkling

Andreas Larsson déguste Pierre Zéro Mousseux Blanc de Blancs

Andreas Larsson, world’s best sommelier in 2007 is the creative Head Sommelier in the Michelin-star PM & Vänner restaurant in Växjö in Sweden where he is native. This professional and passionate of wine makes the « Blindtasted » in a controlled environment. He comments its tasting in a room away from all distractions.

The sommelier did the tasting of Pierre Zéro range’s lead product, the Blanc de Blancs sparkling. The first time for him !

”I just blind tasted Pierre Zéro Blanc de Blancs and I actually wrote in my notes that I was sure there was something strange about it. Not strange in a negative way! It actually turned out to be an alcohol free wine with 0% of alcohol. So its a sparkling wine based on dealcoholised wine. I was confused at first as I don’t have much experience in tasting non-alcoholic wine but I think that this sparkling style works very well. In term of grapes, this wine has aromas of muscat or very grapey, floral, aromatic grapes. I’m getting yellow fruit and pineapple notes. But I think when tasting it – and its early morning but I can actually drink this now it has a nice freshness, a crisp acidity and pleasant fruit and I think that the carbon dioxyde and bubbles are well integrated. So again, I don’t have a lot of experience with non alcohol wines but I think that is very well made and should please a lot of consumers.”

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October 21 2016

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