Pierre Zéro White

The wine’s properties

Non-alcoholic white wine : Golden yellow in color, brilliant with just a hint of sparkle. Fruit forward palette balanced with a delicate freshness.

  • Grape varieties


  • Making process

    The grapes are harvested at night to take advantage of the low night temperatures. The vinification and the production process are then carried out using traditional methods. A de-alcoholisation stage takes place in order to bestow on Pierre 0% its true significance. The alcohol-free wine is finally bottled and elegantly dressed, ready to be served unpretentiously.

More information

  • Tasting notes

    A golden yellow hue, brilliantly sparkling. On the nose, we can find aromas of tropical fruit, peaches, lychees and flowers. The palate is fruity, balanced by a delicate freshness.

  • Ageing potential

    5 years

  • Serving temperature

    8 to 10° C (46 to 50° F)

  • Storage temperature

    Below 10° C (50° F)

  • Packaging

    75cl Bottle / 20cl Bottle / 3L BIB

Matching it with food

As an aperitif or to accompany salads, fish or white meat. Pierre Zéro non-alcoholic "wine" also goes well with desserts and anything sweet.