A festive drink for the workplace

It is often the case during the end of year celebrations, leaving parties or birthdays that the staff committee organises a drink amongst colleagues. Such events allow everyone to get together outside of a work context and strengthen friendships with other team members.

It could be tempting to let our hair down and drink a bit too much but we must remember that the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer. Alcohol can soon pose risks for the safety and security of employees. Whether at work or whilst driving home, alcohol has significant physiological effects including reduced attention and impaired vision which can increase the risk of accidents.

According to a study carried out by Inserm10 to 20% of accidents in the workplace are directly linked to alcohol. Driving whilst under the influence increases the risk of being responsible for a fatal road accident by 8.5.

The Labour Code states that no alcoholic beverages other than wine, beer, cider and pear cider are authorized in the workplace, although the employer reserves the right to forbid alcoholic beverages altogether in its internal regulations.

However, it is clear that raising a glass of orange juice would make us feel like we are at a 7 year old’s birthday party. This is why numerous staff representatives have chosen Pierre Zéro, for its festive image and diverse range of wines.

Whether you prefer red, white or rosé, there really is something for all tastes. Does your event need some bubbly? You can opt for the Pierre Zéro sparkling wine in white or rosé.

Pierre Zéro Premium in red and white add a Premium touch to the range. With its barrel-aged oaky red and sweet white wine that resembles a non-alcoholic Sauternes, there is something for even the most demanding of employees!

Share a fun and enjoyable moment with your colleagues and appreciate the festive spirit without all of the risks involved.

Limitless pleasure with 0.0% alcohol is now possible with Pierre Zéro – all of the ingredients for a 100% successful works event!