The good friend of sports lovers

Yes, we are all aware of the healthy lifestyles of people practicing sports. In their day to day life, they pay great attention to their food as well refrain from drinking alcohol.

However, if they are invited for dinner or have guests people around them can still enjoy having a drink.

The dilemna is often: What can they drink that is beneficial to their health and also enjoyable and at same time does not leave them feeling left out of the fun ?

A fruit juice or a chilled lemonade ? That’s for your 6 year old kid !

Now enjoy and share this moment spent with your friends without everyone feeling sorry for you and saying ‘Go on, have a glass, let your hair down!’, ‘Oh just one won’t hurt!’ or even ‘You’re not fun!’, Domaines Pierre Chavin has the answer.

Pierre Zéro alcohol free wines with low sulfite levels, high levels of antioxidants to reduce your blood pressure, combines excellent taste with no restrictions… what’s not to love ?

You can finally join in with your guests with this highly aromatic wine that offers tasting pleasure without the negative effects of alcohol on your body.

Pierre Chavin carries out the dealcoholization process on the finished wine. This means that the vinification and production processes are carried out according to traditional methods. You will be able to fully appreciate the careful selection of the grape varieties and the art of blending involved in these French wines from the South of France.

There is finally an alternative choice to wine or water!

Discover our renowned range of wines that will entice you without leading you astray! At your next social occasion you will be able to say ‘No orange juice for me this time, I’ve brought my Pierre 0% Red wine’. There is a high chance that you will be the centre of attention and everyone will want a taste of your alcohol free wine!