The Pierre Chavin Estates

The story began in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Mathilde Boulachin, wine marketing specialist from a Champagne wine family, was born as a dream come true.

The house has grown from nothing and now encompasses an extensive range of wines that aim to revolutionize the wine tasting experience with unique, cosmopolitan and trendy collections that prioritize the notion of terroir.

Whilst all wines are Made in France, the young company strives to reach a global consumer base. With an in-depth knowledge of the international markets and consumer expectations, the two creators immediately positioned themselves on the export market and have now earned a reputation in around twenty countries including Sweden, China and the United States.

Pierre Zéro, a Made in France story

It is always interesting to know the history behind the creation of a wine as this allows us to have a better understanding and insight into the brand. It is for this very reason that we would like to share with you the story of Pierre Zéro

It all began in the sunny Languedoc-Roussillon region in the South of France. Two wine lovers combined their talents to create Pierre Chavin, a young wine merchant company that seeks to revolutionize the wine tasting experience by offering consumers a unique and unexpected range of wines.

Mathilde Boulachin, a renowned wine marketing expert with an international vision thanks to professional experience in the United States, Spain and Sweden.

She thoroughly research and study all markets in order to ensure constant innovation.

The Pierre Zéro range of non-alcoholic “wines”, which is now the emblem of Chavin, was born following Mathilde’s two successive pregnancies. Including pregnancy and breastfeeding, Mathilde had to resign herself to 4 years of complete abstinence from alcohol. Thanks to her passion for wine and the region in which she grew up, Mathilde had the idea of creating a product that encompasses everything that a wine represents, but with 0.0%* alcohol.

This non-alcoholic wine is not solely aimed at pregnant women. It is destined for everyone who has made the decision not to consume alcohol as well as those who cannot for medical reasons.

She was reassured in her choice thanks to her time spent in Sweden where drink-driving regulations are extremely strict. The no tolerance approach to drink driving in Nordic countries makes it the ideal market for Pierre Zéro and it was clear that the range would be a success.

The idea was born there, although extensive research was required in order to achieve their objectives. Pierre Zéro is not just a range of non-alcoholic “wines”, it also offers a Premium profile with flavours and aromas that please even the most demanding of palates.

Mathilde, in their quest for perfection, were not satisfied with merely producing a non-alcoholic “wine”. They went even further to offer a healthy non-alcoholic “wine” and an interesting alternative to high-calorie sodas and fruit juices that are packed with sugar.

The notion of conviviality and sharing that wine offers can at last be enjoyed without the need to consume alcohol.

Pierre Zéro is a range of non-alcoholic “wines” designed for those who are looking for something new. The range offers a choice of highly aromatic whites, red and rosés and there really is something to suit every occasion. Delicately sparkling whites and rosés make the perfect choice for your most memorable occasions and promise unlimited pleasure without the alcohol.

A unique production process for a 0,0%* alcohol “wine”

Pierre Zéro is a range of dealcoholized wines made using complex, traditional methods.

It is produced using ancestral wine production techniques and made from carefully grown grapes in the vineyards of the South of France. The grape varieties are then selected according to their aromatic properties and harvested during the night in order to conserve their freshness and aromatic intensity.

The grapes are then pressed in order to be conserved, some in the form of fresh grape juice and some in the form of fermented grape juice. The alcoholic fermentation enables Pierre Zéro to retain all of the beneficial elements such as polyphenols, tannins, resveratrol, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and antioxidants.

The dealcoholization process takes place once the wine has been produced. In order to retain all of the characteristic flavours and aromas of a great wine, Pierre Zéro follows a strict dealcoholization protocol referred to as Spinning Cone Column.

This is the most efficient method for collecting and preserving the volatile components (aromas) in a wine at low temperatures. The method is based on distillation and heat processes and enables the production of an alcohol free beverage without the loss of aromatic intensity. It is also the only method that allows the resulting degree of alcohol to fall lower that the 0.3% mark to reach 0.0%.

The quest for a completely zero percent wine was the deciding factor in the choice of method used.


*Alcohol content less than 0.09%.