A wine without alcohol, a valuable ally for the elderly

As a recently retired yet dynamic senior, you jump at any opportunity to do a bit of exercise and preserve your youthful and healthy body. Yet, although you appear to be on top form, you are no longer in your 20’s and are often faced with the concerns of senior life.

Health concerns and medical treatments are becoming more frequent, which is completely normal in itself, but you would still like to be enjoy a glass of wine as an aperitif or with dinner. You may suddenly find that you are unable to drink for health reasons, even though you have surely heard that drinking two glasses of red wine per day can actually be beneficial to your health.

You will be pleased to hear, ladies and gentlemen, that this does not mean the end! You can still reap the benefits of wine for many years to come and continue to enjoy the flavours and aromas of a good wine.

Pierre Zéro, the range of non-alcoholic “wines” created by Pierre Chavin, is to become your trusted friend! The dealcoholization process allows us to offer a 0%* alcohol wine with an authentic aromatic profile that retains all of the aromas and organoleptic qualities of a traditional wine…. tempting, isn’t it?

Furthermore, an American study has proven that non-alcoholic red wines reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as they contain the same levels of polyphenols as a traditional wine. Polyphenols are antioxidants that fights against blood pressure and prevent cancerous, inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. Their health benefits also have positive effects on hypertension and offer significant anti-aging properties.

You can continue to enjoy a glass of wine amongst friends and appreciate the spirit of sharing and conviviality that wine has to offer, without the negative effects of alcohol.

*Alcohol content less than 0.09%.