Pregnancy : restriction is good with Pierre Zéro !

Like everyone you love good things and of course good wine, but if you are pregnant then you prepare yourself for 9 months of a strict restriction.

Of course a pregnant woman shouldn’t drink alcohol… But after all, what does only one glass per day represent ?

Question : do you know all risks for your baby ?

Alcohol reaches your  baby’s blood faster than in yours and will be eliminated slower because his liver is not as developed as yours.

Even a small consumption during your pregnancy blocks the development of your baby’s brain. Results will be irreversible damages leading to growth delay, of the central nervous system lesions and deformities. On long run we can note mental retardations and behaviour disorders which can jeopardize your child  psychomotor development. You also increase the risks of miscarriage or premature birth.

Wine is not less dangerous than spirits because it contains ethanol too. Scientists don’t know yet the exact quantity of alcohol without risks for the baby, so it is strongly advised for pregnant women not to drink alcohol at all.

Nine months can seem too long and even more if you are breastfeeding ! With Pierre Zéro, you will realize that the restriction can be good !

This alcohol-free wines range, allow you to share pleasant moments with friends, family or both.

Nutritional and antioxidant properties of Pierre Zéro, are more developped than in a classic wine and bring a lot of benefits to future moms.

Your pregnancy won’t be  a contraint anymore and you will enjoy every moment, Pierre Zéro will accompany  you with its rich and complete range for every day pleasure.

Your baby will thank you !