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  • December 11 2019
  • News from Pierre Zéro

PIERRE ZÉRO®: The official Alcohol-Free Drink of the Nobel Prize Banquet 2019

This is the first year ever that a same alcohol-free brand is selected two years in-a-row to sublimate the delicate dishes of this fabulous banquet. PIERRE ZÉRO® Merlot and Chardonnay have been chosen to be served and displayed in the mythical « Blue Hall » during this splendid banquet. This selection shows how the alcohol-free […]

  • December 11 2018
  • News from Pierre Zéro

Pierre Zéro on the table of the “Nobel Banquet 2018” in Stockholm

It is certainly one of the most magnificent event of the year, the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and the majestic Nobel Banquet, taking place every December 10th, the day Alfred Nobel died, gathers more than 1 350 hosts around the King and Queen of Sweden, in the mythic « Blue Hall » of the Stockholm’s City Hall. This year again, Pierre Zéro, alcohol-free premium […]

Boissons sans alcool : les dangers du méthanol
  • January 15 2018
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Non-alcoholic beverages: the dangers of methanol

As is the case with wines, alcohol-free beverages made from grapes require the use of a stabilization process in order to prevent the product from being altered. The majority of producers of alcohol-free beverages made from grapes have opted for cold sterilization. This process consists of adding dimethyldicarbonate (DMDC) to the product in order to […]

En Janvier, relevez le défi du Dry January !
  • December 22 2017
  • Why alcohol free wines ?

Take the Dry January challenge !

Between caloric meals and all kinds of abuse, after December it’s the New Year’s Resolutions time. For year 2018, why don’t you begin with a funny and limited in time challenge with your friends ? The « Dry January » challenge, consisting to stay sober in January. The aim, make a detox program to see effects on your […]

Nouveauté : les vins sans alcool Pierre Zéro en bouteille de 20cl
  • March 31 2016
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New : the alcohol free wines from Pierre Zéro are now available in 20cl bottles

New from Pierre Zéro ! Constantly evolving with consumer trends and market needs, Pierre Chavin has decided to make its still wines available in 20cl bottles. Up until now, only the sparkling rosés and whites from Pierre Zéro were available in this mini format. Now Pierre Zéro are also offering their still red, white and […]

Pierre Zero, un vin sans alcool prônant le naturel
  • February 18 2015
  • Why alcohol free wines ?

Non-alcoholic wine is good for your health!

To say that non-alcoholic wine is beneficial to our health is something of an understatement. This article will analyse the benefits of this new kind of beverage, as it is highly likely that you are not aware of all of the advantages it offers. Decreased risk of cardio-vascular disease. Were you aware that, according to […]