Capital – Mathilde Boulachin is making a name for alcohol-free wines on an international level

Capital – Pierre Chavin popularise le vin sans alcool à l’étranger

Mathilde Boulachin, owner of the Pierre Chavin wine merchant company, is pioneer in the world of alcohol-free wine. With premium profiles, cutting edge de-alcoholization technology and new size and packaging formats (75cl, 20cl, 3l Bag-In-Box), their innovations are endless and their target consumer base very wide.

Pierre Chavin owes a large part of its turnover to the export market and is also democratizing its flagship alcohol-free Pierre Zéro range in France. From wine shops and restaurants to the mass retail market, Pierre Chavin is securing a place for its alcohol-free wines in various distribution networks and confirming itself as a market leader in premium alcohol-free wines.


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December 8 2016

Press review