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Aboutdrinks : Pierre Zéro, Le plaisir des vins et des mousseux sans alcool arrive en Allemagne
  • February 2 2018
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Aboutdrinks : Pierre Zéro, The pleasure of alcohol free still and sparkling wines is now arriving in Germany

The demand for alcohol free wines and sparkling wines is higher than ever, whether it be for dinner in a restaurant or for a drinks party, celebration or other event. This young start up business is now organising alcohol-free evening events. Thanks to Pierre Zéro, hotels, restaurants and caterers can now offer their guests unrivaled […]

Mathilde Boulachin présente pierre Zéro dans In Vino sur Sud Radio
  • February 23 2017
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Mathilde Boulachin presents Pierre Zéro in ‘In Vino’ on Sud Radio

On Saturday 18th February, Mathilde Boulachin, owner of Pierre Chavin, was invited to take part in well-known radio show In Vino on Sud Radio. Recorded at the Nicolas wine shop in Place de de la Madeleine in Paris, Mathilde presented the Pierre Zéro range of alcohol-free wines to Alain Marty, David Cobbold and Philippe Faure-Brac, who was awarded the […]

Pierre Zéro récompensé dans le magazine japonais BRUTUS
  • February 10 2017
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Pierre Zéro rewarded in the japonese magazine BRUTUS

BRUTUS, a japonese magazine dedicated to the pop culture and life style is a popular bimensual which presents the latest trends. The first issue is dedicated to food. Four judges taste and give their opinion on different products, advising and helping japonese people to discover new flavors. Pierre Zéro sparkling blanc de blancs is the […]

Capital – Pierre Chavin popularise le vin sans alcool à l’étranger
  • December 8 2016
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Capital – Mathilde Boulachin is making a name for alcohol-free wines on an international level

Mathilde Boulachin, owner of the Pierre Chavin wine merchant company, is pioneer in the world of alcohol-free wine. With premium profiles, cutting edge de-alcoholization technology and new size and packaging formats (75cl, 20cl, 3l Bag-In-Box), their innovations are endless and their target consumer base very wide. Pierre Chavin owes a large part of its turnover to […]

  • November 22 2016
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Pierre Zéro in ‘La Maison des Maternelles’ on France 5

Presented by Agathe Lecaron, ‘La Maison des Maternelles’ is a daily programme dedicated to the world of children. Advice, tips and all the latest trends are on the agenda every weekday from 9am onwards on France 5. On Monday 21 November, the presenters were treated to a tasting of Pierre Zéro, the iconic range of alcohol-free wines […]

  • November 16 2016
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Pierre Zéro featured on ‘C’est Au Programme’ on France 2

  The Pierre Chavin alcohol-free range of wines was featured on a TV programme presented by Sophie Davant in ‘C’est Au Programme’ on France 2! This morning talk show covers all the latest trends in society, beauty, nutrition and cooking in France. On Tuesday 15 November, a programme presented by Christelle Ballestrero named ‘I drink alcohol-free wine’ introduced the Pierre Zéro range […]

Le BIB sans alcool Pierre Zéro dans le 12:45 de M6
  • October 28 2016
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Pierre Zéro’s alcohol-free bag-in-box wines shown in ‘12:45’ on M6

It was during the SIAL Paris, the world’s most renowned food trade show aimed at food industry professionals, that French TV channel M6 met up with Mathilde Boulachin at the Pierre Chavin stand. In a programme aired on ‘12:45’ on the 27 October which took a closer look at bag-in-box wines, the channel’s journalists showed an interest in the advantages […]

Retour sur la performance de Chavin sur le SIAL dans Vitisphère
  • October 21 2016
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Vitisphère takes a closer look at Chavin’s performance at the SIAL trade show.

Vitisphère, the specialist wine magazine, published an article on Pierre Chavin and its presence at the SIAL trade show which took place from the 16th to the 20th of October in Paris. Mathilde Boulachin, the founder of Pierre Chavin, was interviewed on the subject of the enriching experience of taking part in the SIAL. It enabled the company to […]

Andreas Larsson déguste Pierre Zéro Mousseux Blanc de Blancs
  • October 21 2016
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Andreas Larsson tastes Pierre Zéro Blanc de Blancs Sparkling

Andreas Larsson, world’s best sommelier in 2007 is the creative Head Sommelier in the Michelin-star PM & Vänner restaurant in Växjö in Sweden where he is native. This professional and passionate of wine makes the « Blindtasted » in a controlled environment. He comments its tasting in a room away from all distractions. The sommelier did the […]

Article Editions Select - Gamme de vins sans alcool Pierre Zéro
  • October 4 2016
  • Press review

Editions Select – Alcohol-free wine and 100% pleasure

Editions Select have selected the non-alcoholic wines range Pierre Zero to illustrate the “Lifestyle” section of the Select Antipolis magazine of October / November 2016. In the category “Wines” and “Innovations and Curiosities”, the alcohol-free wine-based beverages range from Pierre Chavin is presented with its benefits. Read the article PDF

  • September 21 2016
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The alcohol-free wines from Pierre Zéro on France 3 Languedoc-Roussillon

France 3 Languedoc-Roussillon aired a documentary featuring local company Pierre Chavin. Alcohol-free wines are currently causing quite a stir and seeing a sharp rise in popularity. Here we will take a closer look at the production process. Mathilde Boulachin, the company’s founder, invited the journalists to join her at the domaine’s vineyards in Montagnac whilst […]

Mathilde Boulachin, co-fondatrice des Domaines Pierre Chavin, sur le plateau de La Quotidienne France 5
  • October 5 2015
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Pierre Zéro, placed in the spotlight on ‘La Quotidienne France 5’

Last Friday the presenters from ‘La Quotidienne France 5’, Maya Lauqué and Thomas Isle, focused their attentions on de-alcoholized drinks including wines, beers and champagnes. Mathilde Boulachin, co-founder of Pierre Chavin, was invited onto the show to present the iconic Pierre Zéro range of alcohol-free wines. She was joined by Philippe Faure-Brac, voted world’s best sommelier in 1992 […]