Pierre Zéro, placed in the spotlight on ‘La Quotidienne France 5’

Mathilde Boulachin, co-fondatrice des Domaines Pierre Chavin, sur le plateau de La Quotidienne France 5
Last Friday the presenters from ‘La Quotidienne France 5’, Maya Lauqué and Thomas Isle, focused their attentions on de-alcoholized drinks including wines, beers and champagnes. Mathilde Boulachin, co-founder of Pierre Chavin, was invited onto the show to present the iconic Pierre Zéro range of alcohol-free wines.

She was joined by Philippe Faure-Brac, voted world’s best sommelier in 1992 and head of the famous Bistrot du Sommelier in Paris’s 8th arrondissement.

Thierry Morel, sociologist and teacher-researcher at the Institut de Travail Social for the Auvergne region in Clermont-Ferrand, has worked for the last ten years in public spaces and continues his research in youths’ habits. He is therefore a specialist in the ‘binge-drinking’ culture and the effects of excessive alcohol consumption in the under 25’s.

Laurent Gréco, Founder of the Bar Academy, a French mixologist and world ambassador for the Perrier brand, was also present on the show with suggestions for non-alcoholic cocktails, known as ‘mocktails’, each one more appealing and spectacular than the next.

In France, the land of wine, it is part and parcel of culture to consume alcohol. It brings warmth and flavour to the palate and intensifies our taste sensations. The arrival of alcohol-free wines brings a new dimension to alcohol consumption through a different notion of pleasure that highlights the purity of the product.

The show was an opportunity for all of the team to taste Pierre Zéro Blanc 0%, made from a blend of Muscat and Chardonnay. Philippe Faure-Brac, world’s best sommelier and a reputed figure in the wine industry, gave a glowing review of this de-alcoholized wine-based drink which still has very little presence in the restaurant industry.

‘It offers a pure colour, intense, ripe nose and aromatic palate dominated by notes of fresh grapes and rose. It reveals a fresh, fruity and smooth mouthfeel balanced out by a pleasant touch of acidity.’

This was an enriching experience for Domaines Pierre Chavin, who were delighted with the positive reviews, as well as an opportunity to present their range of alcohol-free wines on a widely appreciated television show.

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October 5 2015

Press review